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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Going for Growth - a story of a seed!

Five years ago today, on 30th September 2016, I planted a seed and watched it grow.

With that seed I set myself a goal that in three years' time my husband Jon would be free to choose a different path in life; a life of fulfilment, of better health and well-being. It was to be my Focus on WHY!

With sheer determination, passion, purpose and a plan, I started to build a business that would enable Jon to step away from his stressful, unfulfilling job.

I spent thousands of hours reading business and personal development books, researching articles, attending courses, seminars, webinars and networking events. I became financially literate and learnt what it would take to be an entrepreneur.

The seed sprouted becoming a flourishing sapling with leaves.

After three years of phone calls, paperwork and persistence, what happened on my goal date of 30th September 2019? Not much! Three days later however the plan had worked. I had made it happen. Jon exited his job!

The seed was now a growing tree.

Five years on yesterday, 30th September 2021, I have since created a second successful business coaching, mentoring and podcasting and what about Jon?

He now manages our property portfolio and spends the majority of his time either on the golf course, driving between hospitals as a volunteer ‘bloodrunner’ or coaching school, club or county level rugby. Oh and he also edits all of my podcasts! Thanks, Jon! What a wonderful coincidence that today is International Podcast Day!

The seed I planted is now a mature tree producing flowers and fruit.

On Friday 8th October I spoke at the Professional Speaking Association Going for Growth Speaking Business Summit 2021.

In my session I shared with the audience how to podcast with purpose, how to stand out from the crowd and how to grow a podcast from a single seed.

Are you ready to plant your seed?


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