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Focus on WHY is a Business for Good
Creating a World Full of Giving!

When you work to create light for others,
you naturally light your own way!


What if every time I coach a client or release a podcast, something good happens in the world?

Well, I am delighted to share, as a B1G1 Business for Good, that's exactly what happens.


I incorporate purpose and meaning into my coaching work through giving to projects around the world. Every client I work with and every podcast guest I interview is making a difference in the world as a positive impact is created. Together our actions create a ripple effect of meaningful impacts and joy in the world. What a wonderful opportunity to gift a living legacy. 

Could your business be a B1G1 Business for Good?

Absolutely! If you would like to understand how your business could make a difference to the world, please reach out to me here and I can share more about how it works. If you do choose to join B1G1, please use my unique code BM16478. When you join through our code, 50 days of access to education are given to children in the world. 

Here are the Total Impacts we have made together so far...

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