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Life Purpose Coaching

Is now your time?

​Are you looking to pivot, leverage on previous experiences or craft the life you really want? Are you an entrepreneur? If you truly desire something then I can help you to make this a reality. Now is your time!

Is this you?

Do you have…

  • Spirit and untapped potential?

  • Doubts about which direction to follow?

  • Opportunities as an entrepreneur to pivot into a new career?

  • Low self-esteem or feel unfulfilled in life?

  • Financial security now and for your future?

  • A clear sense of purpose?

  • A life that is running on autopilot without focus?

Why be coached by me? (new)

Why be coached by me?

That’s simple! I help you to focus on your WHY!

I am straightforward, clear-headed and want to help you to achieve your full potential both in business and in your personal life because I know how much difference coaching can make in these areas.


I will support you, hold you accountable and help you to focus.


I will help you to find clarity, direction, motivation and momentum, and set goals with deadlines to achieve them.

I can help you to ... (new)

I can help you to...

  • Focus on WHY to create your best possible future

  • Focus in order to achieve the results you desire

  • Get motivated and inspire you to achieve your dreams

  • Love yourself for who you are right now

  • Take control and build financial security 

  • Trust and believe in yourself and find your purpose

  • Hold yourself accountable for taking daily actions to achieve your goals

What will you achieve from coaching?

Working with me, I will help you to create your best possible future through stretching your capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.


I will inspire, enable and empower you to discover, transform and create the life you dream of by assisting you to make it your reality through your own action taking.


Most important of all, I will help you to discover your WHY. Click here to book a Free 20 min Discovery Call with me today. 

Book Amy (new)

Do you want to inspire, inform and connect with your audience?

Do you want increased visibility, credibility and impact?
Do you want new clients booking your services?

Do you want to inspire people with your message being received globally

Do you want to be recognised as a key person of influence and authority in your field of expertise?

Do you want to achieve multiple chart-topping entries across many countries?

Essentially, do you want to launch your own podcast?

If so, book a call with me now and we can take it from there!

Podcast Mentoring


If you already have a podcast and would like to grow your audience, secure sponsorship or understand how you can boost your visibility, book a free 20 min Discovery Call with me here to discuss my Podcast Mentoring 1:1 Service.

Below are some of the clients I have helped to launch, relaunch or refresh recently. 



Launch Pod Mastermind

'Collectively launching individual podcasts', this programme will provide plenty of opportunities to engage with one another in a small group of six and when you are ready to launch, the group will act as your supportive 'launch pod' to maximise the success of your new podcast.


To ensure you launch your podcast in the right way, there will be supporting videos, documents and checklists which will supplement the weekly mastermind-style learning sessions. There will also be three separate 1:1 calls with me during the programme.


The Focus on WHY Launch Pod Mastermind runs for eight weeks and is delivered virtually by Zoom. Want to join the next cohort? It starts in September 2023. Email Amy to find out more details here.

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