"Amy, that session was brilliant last night. Just want to say thanks so much! Really helped me."

Samantha Duffin

"The first time I heard Amy talk, she inspired me to start my own Podcast series! The second time, she helped me ‘settle into me’. By this I mean that our short chat helped me connect the dots as to the purpose of my activities, and that connection was to show me a version of myself that I am very happy with. Thank you Amy!"

Patricia Ogunfeibo

"Amy's thoroughness and knowledge are visible in every little interaction with her. She expertly manages the conversation by asking the right questions and literally makes you pull out the answers from within! Asking the right questions is a tremendous skill that only comes from experience in my view.

I am so looking forward to my journey with Amy." 

Ashima Kudaisya

"Amy is a live wire, force to be reckoned with entrepreneur. She has a great coaching business, is a most committed member of my Brand and Marketing Mastermind, and has a great podcast and personal brand too.

A lovely person I 100% recommend."

Rob Moore

"I approached Amy for coaching after being interviewed by her for the Focus On Why podcast. Her relaxed and intuitive approach put me at ease straight away, and it was clear why she is in such demand from those in property and business seeking clarity and guidance. My 3-hour clarity session with Amy provided more value than much of the other coaching I've had combined. Amy really listens – a rare quality and one which she employs to great effect. She helped me dig deep and identify skills I wasn't aware I had. I came away with SO much material, but also with a road map for how to utilise it. In my opinion Amy is a first-rate coach and mentor. She doesn't shout about her skills, but she doesn't need to. Her many happy clients do that for her! If you're looking for clarity, thoughtful guidance and a plan of action to take your business forward, then I cannot recommend Amy highly enough."

Claire Norwood

"Amy’s passion for helping shines through and I highly recommend her as a mentor and coach as she gives from her heart, openly sharing experiences and knowledge that helped lead me to my goals. After deliberating and still being undecided in my business strategy, I met with Amy and within our first meeting all the clutter of uncertainty was cleared and replaced with a plan, most importantly it was a plan in alignment to my values, this meant everything to me. From here I had complete clarity and knew where I was headed and why. I was held accountable at every stage and felt my comfort zone being stretched and stretched and then some more.

A 6-month plan was accomplished in a little over 4 months.

Was it easy,? No! Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Amy is very easy to talk with, an active listener and being naturally thorough and curious, her questions will ignite all areas of your being helping coaching unfold in a well-balanced manner. Thank you, Amy, for your professionalism, passion and all those surprises along the way."

Tanya Mullings

"Amy is currently coaching me on both personal & business techniques - she is encouraging, directional and focused, teaching me how I can improve my learning, control my mindset, continue to develop and move forward in my business career. I have found the recent restrictions far more manageable with the skills and techniques she has taught me. I highly recommend her to anyone out there that is struggling to stay focussed or needing support, especially through these challenging months, to chat with her and see how she can help. You won’t regret having Amy in your ‘power team’. She is an amazing listener and offers always a balanced and direct approach to any problem. My favourite quote from her is ‘you are enough’.

Thank you Amy!"

Ann Molari

"Amy is a fantastic person to work with. Straight forward, clear-headed and a bank of knowledge in both the property field and the self development field. She's an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others! I highly recommend working with her in whichever capacity."

Antonia Thorp

"Amy is not only a fantastic property professional but is also an inspiring businesswoman helping other women achieve their potential in business and in life. Amy personally helped us with our property investment business by providing practical advice which helped improve our refurbishment projects and save money through the process. Thanks Amy. I would recommend Amy to anyone who needs support in property or in business in general."

Jeannette Linfoot

"Amy is one of the most generous and focussed people I know. I first met her a year ago when we both joined a high profile 'inner circle' Marketing Mastermind group which each of us subsequently won prizes at. I have consistently witnessed her go from strength to strength in both her marketing abilities and coaching and mentoring business. I was so excited recently to have been invited onto her chart topping podcast and I can't wait to interview her for my own too. Engage with Amy to find your purpose and reason why and to focus on this above all else to lead you towards the life you truly desire."

Jane Bayler

"When I met Amy I was struck by how extremely passionate she is about helping others. Also, by how incredibly organised, disciplined and well-read Amy is. I got to know Amy very well through our mutual property and SSAS pensions networking, seeing both her professional and very fun sides. Amy is a very determined young lady by creating the super successful highly rated podcast “Focus on WHY” in such a small space of time is mind blowing. Each episode is diverse and truly exceptional. Amy puts her heart and soul into her research and is the most professional podcast host I have ever met. I’m very excited for the future."

Michelle Bryant

"I have not only listened to Amy Rowlinson’s podcasts but I have also had the pleasure of appearing on one of them too. Amy has a wonderful talent of making the interviewee feel relaxed and able to dig deep personally for the answers that most people don’t usually hear. In my own interview I remember becoming fairly emotional with the answers I was giving as well as feeling safe and supported by Amy. It’s this technique that makes the podcasts unique in Amy’s ability to find the deep route of the answers. I would highly recommend listening to Amy Rowlinson’s podcasts to fully understand why highly successful people do what they do and what drives them forward with their unprecedented persistence and commitment."

Steve Judge

"Highly professional, very easy to talk to and very organised! I did not notice how quickly time flew when I was interviewed by Amy! 

I can only leave a glorious feedback and highly recommend

such an amazing Lady!

Thank you Amy for inviting me to be your guest, I truly enjoyed that!"

Olga Geidane

"When Amy Rowlinson had the inspirational flash to start a podcast series based on the question 'WHY?' she hit gold. The simple, profound and elegant impulses that hover around this word makes an outstanding launch for dialogue and rich archive of stories and insights.

Having had the pleasure of being in the warmth of Amy's 'WHY?' spotlight it offered a beautiful opportunity to think from the heart with clarity and truthfulness. Multiply that experience to over 100 podcasts and we're talking a big gift to the world!

Great work, Amy. Thank you."

Diana Theodores

Having embarked on the journey of property investing as a profession, I never really gave much thought to the rollercoaster of a journey that was in store for me! Having spent a number of years feeling like I was pushing the boulder uphill on my own, there came a cue for joining a women's property-focused mastermind (with open arms might I add) by Amy Rowlinson.

I have been masterminding monthly with this group led by Amy for over a year now and, whilst the rollercoaster of property investing is still very much in 5th gear, I can safely say I don't feel like I'm pushing that boulder on my own. In my view, that’s the whole point of being in a successful mastermind group, where we can share our wins, our challenges, learnings but sometimes you can't see your wins or learnings. 

Amy's so good at pointing out those wins and learnings especially when you can't see it but you know they are there. It’s a real skill from a natural coach. I wholeheartedly recommended masterminding and if it’s led by Amy - it’s a dead cert! 

Gurdeep (Dips) Sahota

I have been part of Amy’s monthly Mastermind group for the last three years. Under Amy’s careful guidance we discuss our wins, challenges, and commitments for the following month. I have gained so much knowledge by listening and sharing with my fellow Masterminders. Amy’s expert direction of our meetings ensures that we all get the best out of each session and she strikes the right balance between listening to others and offering advice. I have also made strong relationships with the other participants. Many thanks, Amy!

Sally Clisby