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Hi, I’m Amy Rowlinson. I’m a Life Purpose Coach, Podcast Strategist and a leader in purpose and fulfilment. 

At the heart of what I do is simple, I help people to focus on their WHY with clarity, uniting their passion and purpose with a plan to create the life they truly desire.


I have a fascination for understanding what drives people in life and working with my coaching clients the question WHY sits at the heart of every decision they make.


As I spend so much time on purpose, I even have a podcast called Focus on WHY designed to inspire you to take action where I speak with people from all walks of life providing uplifting and relatable conversations talking about purpose and meaning. 

About Amy


Degree-qualified with over 30 years’ professional experience in the fields of recruitment, marketing, property investing, teaching, podcasting, speaking, coaching and training gained from various employment and voluntary positions, I am resourceful, people-focused and goal-driven. Today, I focus on coaching and mentoring across two key areas: purpose and podcasting, sometimes both simultaneously! 


Qualified as a Life Purpose Coach, One of many™ Women's Coach, Master NLP Coach, Journal Therapy Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™️ and Hypnosis, I work with clients to help them to design the life they desire through 'living' and not 'existing'.

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Successfully podcasting for over five years, I am the host of two global podcasts, The Property Vault Podcast and Focus on WHY. I mentor people around the concept, creation and launch of their podcasts. Sharing with them how to build a loyal audience whilst increasing their visibility, credibility and authority in their field of expertise, I show them how to create connection, collaboration and inspiration by becoming a great host and being a great guest on other people's podcasts.


I also have over 18 years’ residential landlord experience and have built a portfolio of HMOs in the south of England. As well as continuing to build my property portfolio, I mentor property investors seeking to achieve clarity and focus on their chosen property business model. 

Mission - I am on a mission to reach unfulfilled people who are looking for their WHY to guide them to live a life with purpose and fulfilment. I believe it is my responsibility to gift a living legacy of inspiration, insight and knowledge to create a long lasting positive ripple effect.

Coaching - Life Purpose Coach, One of many™ Women's Coach, Master Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™️ and Hypnosis and Journal Therapy Coach

Podcasting - Podcast Mentor and Host of Global Top 1% Podcast Host of Focus on WHY and #1 Apple Podcasts Charts The Property Vault Podcast


Property Investing - Accredited Portfolio Landlord, Investor, SSAS Trustee and member of the Property Sisters UK


Speaking - Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, PSA (Professional Speaking Association) Speaker Factor Finalist 2020, PSA South East President

Life - Mum & wife! Spaniel Trainer! Lover of travel, skiing, rugby, cricket, podcasts, flowers and sunshine! Not always in that order! 


Achievement - As a catalyst for change, I strive for excellence and seek positive, transformative opportunities! 

Brilliance - Through the combination of curiosity, learning and hope, I recognise brilliance in the forms of intelligence, strengths, genius and talent in people.

Connectedness - As a bridge builder, futurist and visionary, I aspire to build a better life and a better world for everyone. We are all different pieces of one giant jigsaw.


Diversity - Whilst we are all connected, we are all different. As a curator of stories and keen observer of people, my superpower is recognising what makes us each unique.


Effervescence - With infinite levels of enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation, and with a clear appreciation and understanding of the world, I focus on opportunities.

Fun - Everything in life is better when you have fun! 

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