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Focus on Lifestyle

Looking out of the bedroom window as I write this, I can see the morning sun cast its light across the tops of the trees and the terracotta tiles of the bergerie (sheepfold) roof. I am in the heart of the Dordogne at my father’s house and the intense heat has finally been ousted in the aftermath of a big electrical thunderstorm.

Yesterday my family and I spent the day kayaking along 15km of the beautiful Dordogne river. In the searing heat, it was much cooler on the water with a gentle breeze on our faces. As we were drifting along I reflected on the importance of designing your own lifestyle.

Lifestyle, your way of living, is achieved through your conscious design. Yet when I say conscious, how often do you stop to take stock of whether the lifestyle you have is a healthy, sustainable, fulfilling and authentic one? Remember it is still a choice to live in a certain way whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Over the last nine years, I have spent my summers in the Dordogne with my family. Our lifestyle has dramatically changed over this period. The first year we came out in 2014, Jon and I had both just started new jobs. Two years later in 2016, I realised that our lifestyle was not working that well for us and I had to make some immediate changes to plan for our future. After two weeks’ of reflection being out in the Dordogne, I returned to London and handed in my notice.

I had a vision for our new lifestyle and it took me three years to lay down the foundations for the lifestyle that we now live and love. Since 2019, Jon is no longer working a 9-5 city job. He’s much healthier as a result and we now have the flexibility and freedom to travel whenever we choose.

Over the last 27 years, Jon and I have worked together as a team. I was able to step up when Jon needed me to and now he's able to step up and look after the property business so I can spend my time podcasting and life purpose coaching. Our lifestyle has completely changed for us and it's all been possible through property investment.

Focus on Lifestyle!

ACTION POINT - How about you? Are you happy with your lifestyle? What changes might you make today?


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