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Focus on Focus

There's magic to be found within the power of focus. Multitasking is not really that productive. Focusing on the most important thing is the most important thing. But what can focus give you?

Focus gives you power, persistence, drive, creativity and it's critical for decision making, because we are often doing way too many things. Filter out the unwanted noise as it will only side-track you and you’ll end up not achieving much at all.

Often in life, things get overcomplicated so I want to make things much simpler for you. To do this, start to focus on a much smaller set of things. In fact, I want you to focus on just one thing. Or one word to be precise.

As I ready myself for the new year, I have been thinking about the one word that all my decisions and choices will be filtered through. That all my actions will be aligned with. The one focus that will drive me forward each day. Last year, my word was ‘Adventure’ and it took me all around the world. For 2021, it was ‘Opportunity’ and many opportunities presented themselves.

What's my word for 2023?

It’s ‘Purpose’. Of course, it is!!!

I have just started writing a book on purpose and it is a book that I have been wanting to write for the last two years but I allowed other priorities to replace the writing. Now though it is time to complete this book and with my chosen word of purpose, I will be reminded daily to write it. This is my one focus!

So, over to you then, what's your word? Don't overthink it. Just go with the word that bubbles to the surface. Go with what your gut says, what your heart says and write it down on a post it note and stick it somewhere that you will see daily.

Share your word with me. In fact, share it with as many people as you can because when you have that word in your mind, so many magical things will happen. It will be your driving force for 2023.

As you celebrate the turning of the clock at midnight on the 31st December, remember to Focus on Focus! Choose your word wisely! It will be your guide for 2023.

ACTION POINT - What’s your word for 2023? Which word will you choose to be your guiding force?


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