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Focus on White Space

Less is more so the maxim goes.

Today the focus is purposely brief as it is simply to focus on white space. In this week's podcast episode, Karen Skidmore spoke about the importance of having white space in her diary to create fire breaks. Vital space which allows her to slow down and reboot her brain and her body.

In a world where you are able to work from home and have back to back zoom meetings, you can now cram as much as possible into a day but what toll do you pay for that? Burnout, exhaustion, stress-related illness, poor mental health and wellbeing?

Karen describes white space as 'the buffer space for the in-betweens'; those moments of downtime between meetings. What you do in these in-between times will make a huge difference on you and your wellbeing. Karen says that 'brains have to have time to close down tabs and reboot - just like our laptops'.

So how will you create more white space in your day, week, month? What might you need to sacrifice for protecting this invaluable time in your diary each day?

I've spoken about the value of doing nothing before in my blog Focus on Nothing. This is another reminder of the return on investment that you will receive if you actually slow down and do less.

Focus on White Space!

ACTION POINT - Clear your diary and add more white space to it now!


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