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Focus on Personal Development

How do you practice personal development?

Considering myself to be late to the party of personal development in my early forties, I threw myself fully into it and have consumed hundreds of books, been on courses and retreats, invested in coaches and mentors, self-studied and worked to gain many qualifications. It has been and continues to be transformational work. Not only for me but also for my many life purpose coaching clients.

I have been consciously working on my own personal development for six years now. It is a journey that will take me my entire lifetime to master however with the pursuit of mastery comes great understanding, a wealth of experience and an evolution of transformation. Not to mention all the fun and fulfilment along the way.

When focusing on values, purpose, fulfilment, joy, significance, contribution and collaboration, you switch from living a life where you are just filling in the moments to living a fulfilling life. It is quite simply life-changing and life-enhancing.

Focus on Personal Development.

ACTION POINT – Stop filling in the moments and do things which are fulfilling. Wake up from sleepwalking through life and consciously design your life and work to be fulfilling.


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