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Focus on Less

Whilst recording a podcast this week with Karen Skidmore (out next month), we talked about how the world today is so wrapped up in being busy. We seem to be living in a society where being busy has actually become a badge of honour, where it is celebrated and even rewarded. Where the exchanges between people have become "How are you doing?" with the response "Yeah, good, thanks. I'm really busy. How about you?" "Yeah, good. Super busy too!"

It's crazy. It's not sustainable. It doesn't make sense. Are you guilty of being busy all the time? What does being busy mean for your health and wellbeing?

I want to advocate a different message instead and that’s to focus on less. Just as Robert Browning said way back in the 19th century, "less is more" because when you focus on less that’s when you really start to enjoy life.

Over the last few weeks, I have definitely fallen foul to busyness. Travelling around the UK and Ireland to speak at different events about the impact of purpose and podcasting has taken its toll. While it’s been fantastic, I recognised that I needed a break. So this week I purposefully blocked out my diary to give myself some free time to reflect, to take things at a slower pace and to do less. I even didn’t release my Reflections with Actions podcast today because I just needed some more time to chill. It'll be out next week instead.

Do less and slow down to appreciate what really matters to you. Slow down to actually reflect and process your thoughts. Slow down to appreciate what you are on the planet for.

Focus on less however listen more, sleep more, move more, reflect more, give more and smile more.

Stop being so busy. Focus on Less! That's it. Enough said!


ACTION POINT - Worry less, talk less, expect less, use less, eat less and stress less!

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