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Focus on Effervescence

What I love about the new year is all the new energy that is freely passed around. Everyone is so enthused about what they will achieve in the upcoming year. They might not publicly share exactly what they’ve planned just that this year is going to be their best year ever!

As the weeks of January pass, have you noticed how people often slip back into their old habits and their effervescence fades into a distant memory as they convince themselves that what they dreamed of was just not possible. They start to give up.

Over the last few days whilst coaching clients I noticed these early signs of energy ebbing and reluctance to take action however with a gentle nudge and a reminder of why they set these goals and their WHY, of course, I have helped correct their courses back onto their planned trajectories. Their effervescence is restored.

It is so easy to procrastinate and not take action today but in doing so you are only hurting your future self. Don’t let this happen to you. You won’t get today back so make the most of it! Continue to take steps forward each day and in doing so you will thank yourself tomorrow. What one thing could you do today to take yourself out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself?

Take action today! Get an accountability partner, coach or mentor. Tell someone what you are planning to do this year. Make it as public as you can so that you are committed to achieving what you really desire. If you are looking for a life purpose coach, I can help. Reach out to me today.

Focus on Effervescence!


ACTION POINT - Keep on track of what you had planned for 2023. Remember your WHY!

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