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Focus on Superpowers

Your superpowers are your unique set of strengths and talents. They are the extraordinary qualities that you use to propel yourself towards success and fulfilment and which contribute to creating powerful ripple effects. It is in the application of your superpowers that you can inspire and empower others to do the same. What are your superpowers and are you using them in your everyday life to their full potential?


Two of my superpowers are my skills in communication and listening – both are critical in creating a safe space for my coaching clients and podcast guests and in building rapport for them to feel comfortable enough to share what is important to them.


Other superpowers include my ability to hyperfocus and a commitment to complete tasks consistently over time. Together these superpowers contribute to the fact that this is now my 178th consecutive edition of Friday Focus and why since 14 August 2020 I have not missed one single week. Another of my superpowers is as a connector as I bring together likeminded purpose-focused people to work together.


Lucia Knight, Focus on WHY episode 61 Superpowers and Kryptonite, believes we all have superpowers within us and if we point them in the right direction we can solve our super problems saying that ‘only when you use your superpowers, which are your uber, uber strengths that are deeply connected to your pleasure sensors, can you do joyful work.’


Simply by sharing your purpose, vision and mission aligned to your values and by becoming more visible, you will reveal your hidden potential to truly effect change and contribute to the world. What superpowers do you possess? What magic do you have within you? What is your hidden potential?


Be purposeful with your actions. Create a life of impact. Choose how your make your contribution. Focus on discovering and applying your superpowers to live a more purposeful life and as catalysts to create meaningful change.


Focus on Superpowers!

Focus on WHY!

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