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Focus on Dreams

This week I fulfilled a lifelong dream to write a book. I am still in shock that it’s finished and that I actually dared to press ‘send’.


It’s been an intense month of redrafting to substantially reduce the word count but I can honestly say I am extremely proud of this project and I really look forward to sharing it with you.


Yesterday, I had the handover with my publisher who ran through the next steps of the book production: copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, and for completion the dates for final proof, press and publication. All very exciting and having handed over the contents for the inside of the book now I get to focus on the outside: the title, sub-title and cover design.


I can also confirm a date for its release: 24 October 2024. So I'm now looking for possible venues for a launch event for 29 October 2024. This is a special date for me as it marks the 28th anniversary of my grandfather George's passing. It seems a long way away but looking at all the work that goes on in between, I appreciate you can’t rush this stage, and it will come soon enough.


Next Tuesday, 30 April, I celebrate my 400th episode and the four year anniversary of Focus on WHY. It’s a massive milestone and I’m so proud of myself for having first created it and also for sustaining the podcast all this time. 


It makes perfect sense that my wonderful editor Beverley Glick is therefore hosting the 400th episode asking me all about the book I’ve just finished writing.


Until then, my message today is to never lose focus of pursuing your dreams!


Focus on Dreams! Focus on WHY!

ACTION POINT - What dreams have you yet to fulfil and what’s stopping you from achieving them?

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