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Focus on Anniversaries

I love anniversaries or just any excuse to pause and celebrate. Historically, it would’ve been an opportunity for me to pop open a bottle of champagne but since going sober I now choose to celebrate occasions with a non-alcoholic glass of fizz. So, this week, I raised a glass of ginger beer to mark the fourth anniversary of Focus on WHY and reaching the 400 episodes’ milestone.


Whether it’s my wedding anniversary, a significant event or something work related, I love any meaningful opportunity to reflect on the past and to reminisce about the journey I’ve been on over the last four years.


This Focus on WHY journey has been an incredible one as I’ve had the pleasure of being accompanied by, and connecting to, so many other people across the planet. 400 episodes and four years gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the people involved and to reflect on all the moments we have shared together.


Time continues to pass and with these milestones achieved I look forward to the next big milestones: 5 years in April 2025 and episode 500 will be in December 2025 with my current release schedule. More relationships to be built, more learnings and likely some challenges to face too. It’s also strange to think that my podcast is being listened to by people who I don’t even know.


As it is my purpose to shine the light on what’s possible when you Focus on WHY, what I know for sure is that the podcast will continue to provide value, meaning and significance as each episode creates opportunities for purposeful reflection with action so enjoy further listening!


Focus on Anniversaries! Focus on WHY!

ACTION POINT - What anniversary is coming up that will give you an opportunity to practise reflection with action?

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