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Focus on Reflection

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Reflection is an important practice as it enables you to observe, listen, feel and relate to the content that is being shared; analysing and interpreting the information, uncovering the relevant knowledge and seeing how it can be applied to your life, how it aids or affects your problem-solving, how it challenges or supports your beliefs, your strengths and your values. However it is what comes after reflection that is the really important part as reflection moves into action. This is when you can accomplish your purpose. The effectiveness of your future is shaped by the actions you take after your reflections. When I was 6 years old, I used to play being a librarian, stamping my books and organising them into categories on my shelf. When I was 16, I was told having filled out the Careers questionnaire that one of my ideal careers would be as a librarian. At the time I recall not being that impressed. Other people had got lawyers, bankers, doctors and teachers. The stereotype I held at the time of a librarian based on my experience was of an averagely-dressed, bespectacled older lady who spent 24/7 in a wooden-panelled, dark, lowly-lit building surrounded by ancient books. This was not how I expected my high flying career to be so I dismissed the printout. However, how true was that prediction and credit to the algorithms of that questionnaire. Who was I to challenge the power of the computer? As now, 30 years later, I am that averagely-dressed, bespectacled librarian of the 21st century, surrounded by books proudly curating the stories of incredible people from across the world. Focus on WHY is a living library of pioneers of purpose. Each episode is unique and will in some way encourage you to change your perspective, open your mind to possibilities and opportunities as you reimagine your future giving you a unique opportunity to learn, to improve and to adapt your attitude to decision-making. If you seek the universal elixir of life, it is true that your answers are to be found within, however sometimes it takes a mirror to be held up by others for you to see the true reflection of what is going on in your life. When we are in the frame, we can't see the picture. However if we remove ourselves then we can. What happens when you hold up the mirror to reality and take a moment to look at the real reflection held within the frame? What happens is you can see exactly what's going on. It is difficult to hold up your own mirror however when someone else is there holding it for you, there is no escape or brushing the truths under the carpet. Truths are out in the open for all to see. More importantly for you to see the misalignment of your values right there in your reflection together with the opportunity for you to take action. A perfect example of a reflection with action. So as with my inner Librarian, your values show up early. I now notice, follow and respect them trusting my values to act as my compass to guide me in life. So after 33 Reflections and Observations’ episodes, I believe it is time for a change, a refresh or a rebrand and so my Reflections & Observations' episodes will simply be known now as Reflections with Actions. Focus on Reflection! ACTION POINT When listening to each Focus on WHY episode, take the opportunity to reflect, to learn, to grow and know that your life is becoming enriched by the story each guest shares.


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