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Focus on Mindfulness

Today I celebrate 104 days since making the personal decision to stop drinking alcohol. In that timeframe, my mental and emotional clarity has vastly improved. I have written the first draft of my book, lost almost a stone in weight and have been told I look amazing. I feel ten years younger and the better sleep I am now getting has been a complete revelation to me. I am a total convert to the benefits of sobriety.


I wish I had realised this years ago and it's hard not to shout from the rooftops how good not drinking alcohol is. However, I appreciate it is a personal choice and I am certainly not telling you to stop drinking. My guest on the podcast this week, Laura Willoughby MBE, spoke about the mindful drinking movement she has established where she helps people to drink mindfully and to live well and this is an approach I would like to share with you.


Mindfulness is a powerful wellbeing tool and can be applied to all areas of your life. The practice involves a heightened awareness of the present moment, encourages you to hold a non-judgemental acceptance of your thoughts and feelings and brings you clarity whilst reducing both stress and anxiety. Through mindful breathing and body scan exercises mindfulness will help you to live a calmer, more centred life.


In terms of mindful drinking, it is simply the act of bringing deliberate awareness to what you are drinking. Engaging all your senses to appreciate the textures, flavours and aromas of what you are drinking and being attuned to the experience without any other distractions. A simple reflective consideration of what you are ingesting and applying a more mindful approach to alcohol. In doing so, you will forge a healthier connection to what you are drinking.


Choosing not to drink for me has been incredibly empowering and I am now living a more mindful, purposeful and fulfilling life brimming with vitality, clarity and joy. What better gift for Christmas could I wish for?


Focus on Mindfulness!


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