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Focus on Creation

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

When you think of creation, what springs to mind? Is it the birth of a child, a beautiful oil painting or is it content creation for your social media? Everyone is a creator each in their own unique way. You may not think so or choose to call yourself one but you really are a creator as every day you create your life path.

One of the greatest myths surrounding purpose is that you find it. If you spend your entire life waiting to find it, you will have missed the point of life itself because you don’t find your purpose. You create it. So it is with meaning. You don’t find meaning in life. You build and create meaning into your life. Your life is a continuous work of art which is sculpted by all the moments, experiences and choices.

Meaning and purpose are unique to you. Challenge the status quo and capture who you really are by understanding your values, beliefs, strengths, passions and skills. Starting with self-reflection and self-awareness, if you focus on what truly matters to you, what brings you joy and what you excel at, you will create a life that you really want to live and is authentic to you.

Reflect on all your past experiences, both positive and negative. From these unique patterns and themes in your life you will have identified your core values and desires. It is from these golden threads that you will be able to create your life of purpose. These threads make you who you are and show you where you want to go. They help you to craft your purpose. Purpose is to be found in everything you do. It is your very essence.

Again as with purpose, your legacy is not something that is to be found, it is crafted by you with love. It is as a result of everything you do. Everyday your legacy canvas edges closer to becoming the masterpiece you desire it to be. What you do today will create ripples that will echo through the future for generations to come.

Purpose is ever-evolving, growing as you do, adapting with you as you change. As you enter into a different stage of life and as your priorities change, so your purpose and meaning shift. Simply by taking action, you create a life of purpose.

Focus on Creation!

ACTION POINT - Problem-solving is a creative skill. What problem do you need to focus on solving today?


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