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Focus on Wealth

So much time is spent focusing on building wealth in life, however, do you know what your definition of wealth actually is? It varies for all of us and correlates to what wealth actually brings you. I believe that wealth buys you time giving you the freedom to spend time how you choose. It gives you the opportunity to focus on your purpose.

However you don’t need to have accumulated wealth to be happy and purposeful. That’s not the case at all. The priceless moments in life are often not those that you need wealth for!

Back in April I spent three days on a retreat in the company of eighty women all seeking to work on areas of their wealth. This was to be my final retreat of four having focused on areas of love, vitality, fulfilment and finally wealth. Each woman had a very different reason for being there and were at different levels of wealth accumulation.

On the Sunday, the room was reduced to just those who were on the Lead the Change year-long programme. Facilitated by Dr Joanna Martin, founder of the One of many community, we were encouraged to discover where in the realm of wealth our individual leadership qualities lie. It was an insightful day and what I want to highlight is that wealth without your health is futile. There’s no point being wealthy if you’re not healthy. Being wealthy certainly enables you the financial freedom to make healthier choices but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee your good health. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “the first wealth is health.”

Wealth is not just about money. It’s about your wealth of experience, your mental wealth, your wealth of meaningful and positive friendships, your wealth of your family and community, your wealth of love and self-compassion and your wealth of knowledge.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Many guests on Focus on WHY have spoken about wealth and what it means for them; Catherine Morgan, Kevin Whelan, Mike Pagan, Louise Righton, Lara Waldman, Sandro Forte, Sam Norris, Skye Khilji, Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, to name just a few. This week in episode 345 Sport is Life with Ian Stafford, Ian said, “my wealth isn't money in my bank account. My wealth is a whole lifetime of experiences, and adventures and anecdotes and scrapes.”

How about you? What wealth are you building today and why?

Focus on Wealth!


ACTION POINT - What does a life of wealth look like for you?

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