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Focus on Serendipity

What role does serendipity play in your life? Do you call it serendipity or do you choose to call it luck, synchronicity or coincidence?

I often talk about the importance of ‘Have a Purpose. Have a Plan. Focus on WHY.' So how does serendipity sit within this carefully constructed model? It is about being flexible enough to embrace spontaneity and elements of surprise into your life as the universe presents you with serendipity all the time. Perhaps you don't even notice it.

Back in March 2020, as one door closed and my business partner suddenly announced that he wanted to close down our property training business, I had many different options about what to do next and which new direction to pursue.

Overnight my plan changed. As one door closed, I chose which door to open next. The concept of the podcast Focus on WHY was born. Would it have happened if the pandemic had not forced us to stop and reflect on our existing lifestyle? I’ll never know!

I often reflect on this particular Sliding Doors moment in my life and then on all the many other potential moments that I may have missed out on and will never know the consequences of because I have chosen or followed different paths in life.

Personally, I love serendipity. With its unexpected and unplanned nature, it brings an element of pleasant surprise to my world. It’s a positive reminder that not everything in life is possible to plan yet with a serendipitous filter you can see how the threads often do mysteriously connect. Is serendipity magic?

Cat Settle in Focus on WHY episode 168 Opportunity to Grow observes the serendipitous moments in her life and considers what actions to take as she believes there's a relationship between serendipity and spontaneity and by bringing them together you can make interesting things happen.

'When you're looking a bit more and you’re more open, you may spot serendipity more and act on it.' Cat Settle

I’m a big fan of serendipity as I think it's your reticular activating system at play enabling you to be open to see what you want to see. There is still an element of fortuitous luck as well. Is it the Law of Attraction? Or does it come down to good hard graft the majority of the time? Are you in effect making all of these seemingly serendipitous things or opportunistic moments happen?

I believe in the Law of Reciprocity so that what goes around comes around when you are paying it forward. That opportunities arise as a result of your hard work, preparation and commitment to achieving what you desire.

So is there a Law of Serendipity? Perhaps. If so, how does it work? Is it a case of what you’ve been searching for turning up at that exact moment? Or is it that you are specifically searching for something and being rewarded with something much better? Or is it both? Either way magical things happen when you focus on serendipity!

ACTION POINT - Acknowledge how serendipity plays its part in your daily life.


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