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Focus on Security

Heading through Gatwick airport to Dublin to speak at the Global Speaking Summit this week, I passed through the various stages of security. It’s reassuring to see the high levels of searching and checking that is done. Unpack this, separate those, remove that, show me this and undo that. All to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the movement from one location to another.

It got me thinking of the importance of security and the role it plays in life. Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs said it is a basic human need to feel secure and the UN identifies seven elements of Human Security; Economic, Environment, Political, Health, Community, Personal and Food. Life in today’s world is not always secure and yet paradoxically, knowing life is insecure is in itself a kind of security.

You are always at odds with different dangers. So much so that your brain filters for danger first at every point in your life. Even when you’re sleeping, your security mode is switched on. The primary function of your unconscious mind is to keep you alive. Survival is after all your ultimate priority in life.

That’s physiological security, what about psychological security? The feeling that you belong, that sense of connectedness found in your relationships. That’s another level of security you seek. Then after your physiological and psychological needs, there are the self-fulfilment elements you need to satisfy in life. The feeling of being in control of your destiny, your purpose and achieving fulfilment.

Your desire to grow, learn and improve circumstances involves change, challenge and moving out of your comfort zone. You move away from safety and security into potential danger and your brain finds itself in conflict. This is why it is often so hard to change your habits. Your brain knows the known and fears the unknown even if change will potentially be better for you.

Tomorrow I am speaking at the Global Speaking Summit in front of expert professional speakers from all around the world. That’s going to take me out of my comfort zone. I have a slight feeling of insecurity however knowing that is how I will achieve growth, it’s a challenge I’m willing to undertake. Yes, it’s much easier to be a delegate and enjoy sitting in the audience watching the other speakers deliver their talks. I’ll be doing that for most of the weekend but for 45 minutes I’m stepping up and out of my comfort zone to grow.

There is a balance between the insecurity of it being a new stage with an unknown audience combined with the security of the knowledge that I know my topic of podcasting well. Confident, optimistic, I love what I do and I trust myself to deliver a great talk. I walk the walk not just talk the talk. I have recorded over 500 episodes as a host, guest or as a guest host.

The resulting outcome will be growth through facing a challenge. To be secure I choose to be insecure for a minute or two, or in this case, for 45 minutes! So bring it on!

Focus on Security!

ACTION POINT - How will you consciously step out of your comfort zone this week?

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