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Focus on Relaxation

Cheers! I am sending you greetings from the relaxing warm waters of my hot tub which is the inspiration for today's message about the importance of relaxation.

Time is always ticking by. You may check your watch or clock hundreds of times in a day thinking about when your next meeting will be, when your next meal is or if you've got time to go to the gym. There's no doubt that your life is busy, fully scheduled to the maximum but how much time do you allocate to relaxation each day? Is relaxation a priority or is it an afterthought for you?

Do you have a work/life balance? Wait, let's flip that around! Do you have a life/work balance with the emphasis on life as your priority not work? Now many people are working from home, the life/work boundaries have been blurred even further as there is no physical commute to help you switch from one environment to the other. However, don't let relaxation take a back seat. It is vital for your health and wellbeing.

Relaxation reduces your blood pressure and heart rate and it improves blood flow which leads to improved concentration, focus and self-control. Calming your mind and body aids digestion and lowers your risk of a stroke. Relaxation also reduces fatigue and inflammation. Daily relaxation helps decrease the effects of stress and calms you down physically and mentally avoiding anxiety, depression and tension.

So don't treat relaxation as a luxury or a nice to have element to your day. It is an absolute essential. Block out time in your diary each day to relax. It's important! After all, where will you live tomorrow if you don't take care of your body today?

Focus on Relaxation!

ACTION POINT - Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up! Take time out of your day to relax!


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