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Focus on Potential

Why is it so important to have absolute clarity on your WHY if you are to achieve your potential in life? Purpose is unique to everyone. Your ultimate reason for being is the long sought-after mystery that you are eager to discover. I had been stuck in my own shadow for too long holding myself back not unleashing my full potential. There were many reasons why I was doing this however ultimately it was because I was not operating in my zone of genius. I can now say that I am fully aware of who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do and have. Ultimately I know my WHY. When you know who you can help and what impact you can have, you place people at the heart of your decisions and you create purposeful, fulfilling work which solves personal, professional, even global problems. Having drifted for years existing on autopilot, feeling frustrated and wasting my potential, I am now passionate to help others realise their potential. This is where my drive comes from enabling others to live their best lives, to stop them from merely filling in the moments and instead start exploring their untapped potential. In terms of impact, I mentor people to launch purposeful podcasts. With my podcast, Focus on WHY, I believe it is my responsibility to gift a living legacy of inspiration, insight and knowledge to create positive ripple effects. I ensure these purpose-driven stories are heard and not lost. In a recent episode, 263 Young People’s Futures with Jake Richings, Jake shared that he wanted ‘to create a world where everyone can reach their potential.’ Focus on WHY is full of people from all walks of life sharing how they have discovered their WHY and are now fulfilling their potential. Some have witnessed disasters, reached tipping point or followed crazy opportunities. Others have authored their future, created shared value or used their superpowers. Some challenged their thinking, started with a vision or took a giant leap of faith to ignite their inner potential. Each one of these stories of transformation will motivate, inspire and encourage you to take positive action, to focus on your WHY and discover your true potential. “Just go that extra 1% every day. Do something every day that gets you out of your comfort zone because that's where all the potential is, just outside of that comfort zone.” 010 Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone with Shannel Bernard How about you? Can you honestly say that you are fulfilling your potential? It may be hidden or it may be in plain sight. It could be that you are simply too busy to notice that you are not leveraging your potential. Trust in yourself that there is so much more for you to explore. “You don’t have to be rich to achieve your potential.” President Barack Obama. It's free. Simply allow yourself a moment today to really consider the power of purpose to identify your untapped or unfulfilled potential. “Believe in yourself and fulfil your potential. You can do whatever you want to do as long as you’re willing to put the work and time in and be patient.” 033 Fulfil Your Potential with Jay Dhillon Remember it is never too late to be who you might have been. Focus on what matters to you. Focus on potential. ACTION POINT Are you living a life of fulfilment, purpose and passion? Are you maximising your full potential in life? I’ll leave you with Jim Rohn's four questions to ponder: "Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not now?”

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