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Focus on Networks

Network events; love them or hate them? I love them. I thrive meeting new people, picking up where I left off with old acquaintances or having the opportunity to gain new knowledge and insights.

This week I attended my second Paul Avins’ VIP networking event. The previous one had been back in March set in an incredibly stunning private dining room tucked away in Holborn. This time around we were supposed to be on a Thames River Cruise and tickets were sold out.

However it wasn’t a case of needing a bigger boat. We just needed a pilot to set sail. The Captain had a motorcycle accident at the weekend and another licensed pilot couldn’t be found. Sadly, despite the sun shining down on us there was to be no cruising on the Thames.

A new venue on terra firma therefore had to be sourced within 24 hours and as guests we were none the wiser of all the stress that had ensued in finding a suitable London venue to cater for 50 people for dinner during Wimbledon week at such short notice.

Paul’s team pulled it off brilliantly and thank goodness they did because it was so wonderful to meet in person so many fascinating business owners and entrepreneurs some of whom I have spent the last year or so speaking to virtually over zoom. Greeting one another as though we were long lost friends, it just goes to show how strong bonds can be formed over the internet and then strengthened meeting in person.

In preparation for the evening, we had been provided with contact details for all those attending so I reached out to everyone prior to the event via LinkedIn to connect. That small personal effort made a big difference as when I introduced myself to people, they commented on the fact that I had connected already and they had been able to check my profile out also!

This simple and easy action instantly brought the conversations swiftly on to the next level skipping the small talk diving into some pretty deep discussions about what we were doing in business, how we had navigated the pandemic and where we were directing our energy now professionally and personally. Naturally, there was a Focus on WHY to be found within most of these conversations.

Your network is your net worth. It’s true. It really is.

It may sound cliché yet this truism was proven repeatedly all evening. Supportive, positive, intelligent, driven people open to the opportunity to build and nurture valued relationships, willing to plant seeds that will eventually flourish and produce fruit. Building your network takes time. It requires effort and patience however there is nothing more important in life than the people you surround yourself with.

Focus on Networks

ACTION POINT - When was the last time you attended a network event? Get visible and make the effort to build and nurture your networks!

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