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Focus on Healing

Many guests on Focus on WHY have shared the link they have made between discovering their purpose in life and the suffering or trauma they have experienced. Purpose and suffering often go hand in hand. Those who have experienced horrific events can be driven and focused on their purpose as a result. This week’s guest is of no exception as Dr Susanna Petche and I discuss the power of purpose in the trauma-informed healing work she is focused on.

“There's this phrase, the wounded healer, that I think is very applicable to most people who kind of end up in the Health and Wellbeing sphere." Dr Susanna Petche, 366, Healing with Purpose

Let me make this clear. I do not for one moment consider your suffering as a gift as it is often bandied about in the personal development space as being. Instead I see any suffering you have experienced as a powerful catalyst from which you can choose to take action and propel yourself forward towards a journey of recovery and healing through your purpose-driven work.

Seeing your suffering through a purpose lens as a catalyst for healing provides you with a focus beyond your suffering and enables you to reframe your perspective and recognise that your struggles and trauma do not define you. Purpose serves as a transformative force to help you to channel your energy into something constructive as it infuses you with vitality and joy.

Having a purpose nurtures a more positive mindset and when you engage in activities that align with your purpose you will trigger the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins. These are associated with feelings of happiness and well-being and help to aid the healing process.

When driven by purpose and engaged in fulfilling activities, you may also experience a reduction in stress and anxiety levels as cortisol is decreased contributing to a sense of calmness which also aids emotional healing.

Having a clear sense of purpose can also improve your sleep quality which is vital for the body’s healing processes, promoting cell regeneration, repairing tissues and enhancing physical health.

Knowing your purpose will also motivate you to make healthier lifestyle choices which have a huge impact on your overall health and facilitate natural healing. Purpose therefore plays a key role in healing.

Focus on Healing!

ACTION POINT - Life isn’t always easy but it’s in those challenging moments that you can find your true purpose. What past experiences really help you to focus you on your purpose-driven work?


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