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Focus on Contribution

I am writing a book on life purpose at the moment and talking it through with a couple of other book buddies, the topic of contribution came up as being a key driver for my work as a Life Purpose Coach and Podcaster.

What does contribution mean in today’s purpose-driven world? Contribution is a concept that comes up time and time again in regards to purposeful living. In this context, it is how you make a contribution in some meaningful way to society through the act of giving or supplying something, bringing about a positive result or helping something or someone to advance.

Do you value your contribution and are you valued for your contribution? It’s more than just what you do at work. It’s how your passion, purpose, skills, knowledge and energy are all applied for the greater good. When you focus on your contribution you shift the emphasis on your work to show up differently knowing that you are not simply doing your job but you are helping work towards the collective vision and mission of the business’s purpose.

It was Robert Byrne who said that ‘the purpose of life is a life of purpose’. Purpose is something that you choose to contribute towards in the world which is bigger than just you. It's about how you bring your uniqueness in what you can offer to the world.

When you get to the end of your life, you want to know that you made a positive contribution to others. It doesn’t matter how big or small, simply knowing that you have contributed in some way leaving the world a better place than how you found it will comfort you with the feeling of great fulfilment.

I believe there are three different ways in how you can channel your contribution. One is to ‘champion’ a cause or a charity; something that you stand for or perhaps stand against. In this route, you channel your energy, time and resources into a cause that matters most to you.

Another way you can contribute is to ‘correct’ something by making it better, faster, stronger or more efficient. Whatever it is you focus on becomes better for others as a result of your contribution.

My third approach to contribution is to help others in your area of expertise through clarification. Whatever it is that you have mastered you share your mastery with the world to help others to ‘clarify’ something that they are puzzled or stuck with.

Champion, correct or clarify; three ways for you to focus on your contribution whilst being purpose-driven. You hold a unique perspective in life which means you have a different contribution to offer than anyone else. This is how you make a difference. This is your gift to the world.

“As you strive to contribute, you grow as a person. The more you grow, the more you contribute. The more you contribute, the more you grow.”

Many other guests on the Focus on WHY podcast have shared the importance of contribution in their lives including Nadine Hack, Adrian Brown, Lauren Chiren, Agi Keramidas, Nick Bradley, Clare Richmond, David Roberts, Jackie Handy and Paul Avins. Check out how they have channelled their contribution in their unique approach in their episodes.

How could you make a more focused contribution either personally or professionally or both?

Focus on Contribution!

ACTION POINT - Choose how you champion, correct or clarify problems that exist. Channel your contribution today.


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