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Focus on Wellbeing

Sometimes I misinterpret what my guests have said or I am not sure what they mean so I ask them to clarify or expand further. Doing so ensures that not only do I fully understand what they have just shared but the chances are the listener will too.

This happened in this week’s conversation with Penny Haslam when I thought Penny had said that confidence was more important than wellbeing. In challenging the assumption I had made, I was corrected by Penny. It had not been what she meant at all so I am glad I checked as it led to a much more in-depth conversation around confidence and wellbeing.

Many guests over the years have spoken of the role and importance of wellbeing to living a fulfilled and purposeful life. Frederika Roberts from episode 046 is one that springs to mind as she said that Positive Psychology is often defined as the science of wellbeing.

Frederika shared the work she does in schools in giving students practical tools that they can use to look after their wellbeing. Research shows that if you look after your wellbeing at this time in life then not only does it support academic achievement it supports achievement and career goals further on into later life.

Wellbeing tools are tools for life and focusing on your wellbeing is a lifelong practice. It is not a one-time fix and there is not a one-size-fits-all answer however maintaining your wellbeing is said to result in better decision-making, increased productivity and overall life satisfaction for you and for those around you.

“Part of being well is also about creating a better world and creating a better environment around ourselves. So Positive Psychology is about the good of society as a whole.” Frederika Roberts

Your wellbeing is comprised of your physical, mental and spiritual health, your social connections, your work and your sense of meaning and purpose. Sleep, exercise, mindfulness practice, time with friends and family, personal growth and breaks to recharge and relax are all contributors to your overall wellbeing. The composition and amounts differ for everyone. Do you know what you need for your wellbeing?

Focus on Wellbeing!

Action Point: Reflect on your current wellbeing and see what elements are out of balance. What can you do to make it your focus today?


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