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Focus on Transformation

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Can you remember the first story of transformation you ever heard?

I asked this question earlier in the week on a social media post and for many people it was Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A very popular book first published in 1969 with a focus on transformation, growth and change, this children's book also covered themes of wellbeing, self-control and happiness.

Perhaps this was my first book too although the story I remember making an impact on me was Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Ugly Duckling. In fact, not only can I remember the black and white illustrations from the book but I can also hear the song version from a cassette tape I used to play on repeat called All Aboard. The Ugly Duckling was sandwiched between The Laughing Policeman and Robin Hood.

“There once was an ugly duckling

With feathers all stubby and brown

And the other birds said in so many words

Get out of town

Get out, get out, get out of town

And he went with a quack and a waddle and a quack

In a flurry of eiderdown”

This is a story of transformation but also one of diversity, belonging and acceptance. A story symbolic for overlooked virtues where they only become recognised and appreciated later once the beauty was obvious externally to others.

A heartbreaking story fortunately with a happy ending however what if the ugly duckling hadn’t transformed into the beautiful swan? What then? It would have been a tale of rejection, exclusion and hate.

Transformation is something that you come to expect in life today, as you seek it out to improve your circumstances. From good to better, from ordinary to extraordinary, from average to outstanding, it is your inbuilt human desire to evolve and achieve betterment.

Every advert you see on TV, you’re being sold the dream of transformation. Whether you are actively aware of it or not, transformation is what is being promised in so many areas of your life.

Being a visionary, able to see the end in mind and the ability to create the physical form from a mental picture, I have often sought and still continue to seek transformation for myself.

In education, I continue to develop my skills and further my knowledge to become a better person, a better wife, mother, friend and coach.

In property, I have delivered many major renovation and refurbishment property projects creating homes for people to live in.

In the community, in one project, I inspired and mobilised a team of over 150 volunteers to engage in sport’s biggest voluntary initiative, NatWest CricketForce, to improve and transform the facilities of a local cricket club. My enthusiasm and positive approach instilled commitment, confidence and a sense of achievement in others.

For this transformation, I was awarded an Outstanding Service to Cricket Award in 2012 by the single national governing body for all cricket in England and Wales, the ECB, for making a positive and sustainable impact on a cricket club, going ‘beyond the call of duty’, galvanising club members and providing a legacy of future stability and growth for the club.

Now my focus is on helping people to achieve the transformation they desire through life purpose coaching and podcasting. I help people to find fulfilment, essentially to Focus on WHY!

Focus on Transformation! What is the transformation you seek?


What transformation do you want to achieve? Transformation comes from change. Choose an area of your life you wish to transform and take one small step towards making it happen today.


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