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Focus on Nothing

Last Friday morning on a coaching call, my coach Kat suggested to me to focus on nothing!

What? Nothing? How is that even possible? Surely, you’re always doing something. Kat insisted it was possible and that I very much needed to rest and replenish myself.

So what does doing nothing look, feel, smell, taste and sound like? Actually pretty great if I’m being honest. I didn’t realise that nothing was such a great thing and yes, Kat, thank you, I really did need a prescription of nothing.

Nothing works wonders.

The maxim less is more sprang to my mind however I let the thought pass on by. I held a space for myself to just focus on just being calm and restful. It was a beautiful time and I really appreciated why my coach had suggested it.

If you’re like me, living in a noisy, busy, frantic world often feeling the pull to do something productive 24/7 adopting that don’t waste a second attitude, then feel free to give yourself permission to also do nothing.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have the time to do nothing, then take a moment to understand what the implications and repercussions are in having that exact thought.

I empowered myself to rest and not to strive to achieve anything except nothing! I hadn’t recognised quite how much my mind had been racing in all directions until I slowed it and my breathing right down. Ironically, I guess this means that I was still being productive in another sense.

I switched off my phone and stared into the distance. Embracing nothing was positively welcomed. It definitely helped that I was sitting on the beach on the south coast of England at the time. However now as I write this I am sat in my garden in the sunshine by the beautiful jasmine that I planted ten years ago about to focus on nothing once more.

So if you’re finding yourself rushing around filling in all the spare moments you have, know that a prescription of nothing is free to prescribe yourself at any time and will provide you with infinite returns in terms of your mental health bringing you an abundance of rejuvenation and replenishment.

Go on, treat yourself. Focus on nothing!

ACTION POINT - Treat yourself. Focus on nothing and reap the rewards.


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