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Focus on Movement

Is it possible to move and dance like you are at one with the world where you feel as light as a feather completely free as a bird? Yes, it is and it is the most incredible sensation.

Last weekend I moved and danced like I have never moved and danced before. Completely carefree with a sense of deep connection and freedom. Before this I have always needed a couple of glasses of wine to get me on the dance floor but not this time. I was strutting my stuff unashamedly and it felt absolutely fantastic.

I was on a three day retreat called BeLove run by Dr Joanna Martin, the co-founder of One of Many™. Jo along with two other trainers, Annie Stoker and Susie Heath, took me and 60 other women on the most incredible transformational journey over the three days. It was one of those experiences that you just had to be there to truly understand as it’s hard to put into words. Mainly because a lot of the experience was felt through movement. There literally were no words!

Movement of the body is essential to awaken all parts of you, to find balance, connection and to develop and enhance your self-awareness. Present to all your senses, you empower yourself physically, emotionally and psychologically.

The theme of the weekend was to embody love, essentially to be love. Wow, what an experience. There were tears. There was laughter. There was disbelief. There was deep understanding. There was support and devoted listening. All of these experiences were found in movement of the body alone through various meditation, dance and embodiment exercises.

Music and movement combined to enable us to experience different powers within. Movement was used to heal, release and celebrate the past, present and future, to have fun and to experience the joys of what life has to offer. Connecting the brain with the body, drawing on what really matters to us, we focused on WHY.

You can so often get stuck in your heads but by moving the body, you get out of your head and involve the whole of your being. I had no idea just how powerful it would be to work with the body in such a way and I am a little bit sold to the concept, but only 100%!

There is a reason why every contestant who enters Strictly Come Dancing says it is the best experience of their life. It’s because they are moving their bodies in ways they have never moved them before. They are expressing themselves in this beautiful and natural form.

However, you don’t need to go on SCD to get moving. Choose some music which reflects the emotions you want to embody. Clear a space where you can move freely. Relax, sway gently at first and listen to the music. Connect to the beat and to the rhythm and move your body to every note. Feel into it and enjoy it. FOCUS ON MOVEMENT!

ACTION POINT - Dance, move, visualise. Enjoy!

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