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Focus on Intuition

How much of your decision-making in life is based on trusting your intuition? I know it’s hard to measure but if you had to hazard a guess, do you favour either more of an intuitive or a sensing approach?


Intuition is the instinctive understanding or insight that you can experience something without the need for conscious reasoning often described as having that ‘gut feeling’ where you can’t necessarily articulate exactly why. If you are someone who uses intuition, you are more likely to see a world full of possibilities, be future-focused and have the ability to read between the lines, readily tap into your imagination and inspiration and see the big picture and more abstract concepts.


The alternative approach to intuition is sensing where you use your five senses to process information, are more likely to focus on the present, prefer to trust what is absolutely concrete and certain, favour realism, practical application and factual information relying on evidence and logic to make your decisions.


The conversation I had in this week’s podcast episode 387 Unconditional Love with Cindy Powers Prosor highlighted how much intuition can act as a guide in your decision-making and in living a life with your true purpose. Cindy emphasises the concept of conscious creation proposing that everyone has the ability to be a master creator, a skill she has intuitively developed since childhood through co-creating her life with the divine.


Cindy believes that tapping into your intuition allows you to ask for guidance, to look for signs and, like Hansel and Gretel following the breadcrumbs, move towards the life you want to create for yourself. Cindy shared her personal experiences of how she uses intuition to guide her, notably the decision to up sticks and move to New Zealand, which happened after she received three significant signs in response to her request for guidance from the universe.


Cindy asserts that co-creating with the divine involves a feeling more than a form, and if you are to consciously create, it’s crucial to be clear about what you desire and how you want to feel in your new circumstances. This focus on clarity and intent, supported by intuition and a deep connection with the divine in whatever form that takes for you, can fundamentally guide your purpose and the path you take in life.


What happens if you ignore your intuition? You could miss out on important signs or those ‘breadcrumbs’ that could help you to navigate life decisions more confidently and aligned with your purpose. Without engaging your intuition you could unconsciously create a life that is not recognising your potential to shape and design your own future.


I fully embrace my own intuition and trust my gut implicitly. On one particular occasion my intuition was really put to the test. Whenever I reflect on the importance of intuition, I simply refer to what happened on 2 October 2021. If you are curious as to what happened on that day, click here.


Be open to what your intuition has to say. Be open to seeing and reading any signs that appear for you. Be open to opportunities. Trust your intuition. Know that sometimes you may not have the evidence to support your decision or feeling but trust what American astronomer, Carl Sagan said that the ‘Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence.’


Focus on Intuition! Focus on WHY!

ACTION POINT - Be open to spotting opportunities that you may otherwise have missed.

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