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Focus on Gifts

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Today is Christmas Day. A day of joy, gratitude and wonder. Can you remember the nervous excitement you felt as a child waking up to feel the weight of the stocking at the foot of your bed? Thinking you’d heard the faint sound of sleigh bells in your sleep? Rushing to open your curtains wishing it had snowed? Running downstairs to see presents bulging out from under the tree? Truly magical times. However, the best gifts in life do not lie beneath the Christmas tree, they lie deep within your heart and mind. As you exchange your gifts with loved ones today, I wanted to bring your thoughts and attention to your true gift in life, your unique gift, the magic which you bring to the world. Are you aware of your gift and are you maximising its potential allowing it to fully flourish? If you are, you’re most likely living a life of fulfilment, purpose and passion. If not and you don’t see your gift, perhaps you could ask trusted friends, peers or family to share with you some clues as to what they believe to be your greatest strength or what makes you unique. These answers will provide you with invaluable insights into what makes you unique. Your gift is often to be found in those moments where you are naturally in flow and where you lose all sense of time. Take the opportunity this Christmas holiday to identify, activate and nurture your unique gift as it will lead you towards living a more fulfilling life rewarding you and all those around you as you share your gift with others. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to invest in yourself to understand your purpose. However, today, simply give your friends and family your gift of presence. Time is precious. Pursue your dreams to discover your purpose, understand why you do what you do and have the courage of conviction to make 2021 your best year yet.

ACTION POINT My message to you today is simple. You have one life. Live it! Love it! Merry Christmas!


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