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Focus on Games

Fun, fun, fun! Games are not just for kids and certainly not just for Christmas or the summer holidays!

I love playing all sorts of games; board games, card games, ball games, computer games, logic puzzles (still doing my daily Wordle), escape rooms, jigsaws, role play, the list goes on.

It’s Wimbledon this week and the quality of tennis is simply superb. I’m off on holiday next week (as long as my flight is not cancelled) and will be playing lots of games including tennis, badminton, table tennis, croquet, French cricket, rounders, spike ball, archery and boules of course. So much fun.

Games are vital in life not just for your physical fitness making your muscles stronger and keeping your bones, lung and heart in good condition, but also from a mental fitness perspective. Games stimulate the brain, they teach you a lot about life and yourself. Games help children (and continue to as adults) to learn the importance of teamwork, cooperation, sharing, patience, failure and success, strategy and social interaction… especially how to have fun.

As President of the Professional Speaking Association South East region I bring a fun games element to every event I host. This week we did improv in pairs which was enormous fun. Side-splitting in some moments. In just 90 seconds we had to improvise with a partner and either story tell, sell, influence, motivate, inspire, entertain or educate the audience from an image prompt. For example, one task was to story tell ‘what my sick teddy bear can teach you about business’ or ‘fundraise for a dogs’ dummies start-up business’!

You know what they say, all work and no play…

So what games will you play today? Go on, get fit and mentally strong and have some fun!


ACTION POINT - Get your game face on and get active today!

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