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Focus on Solutions

The world is inundated with crises with the news constantly highlighting the latest problems that people face today. From climate change and poverty to social injustice and political unrest, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of some of these problems. However, if you shift your perspective to a solution-based approach, instead of dwelling on the problems, you channel your energy into actively seeking solutions and taking action. This is what Nicola Peel, my guest in episode 401 calls being a ‘solutionist’ and it’s how she has managed to coordinate scientists to save parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon from giant oil spills using fungi mycoremediation.


Rather than succumbing to despair or apathy, adopting this solution-focused mindset empowers you to become an agent of change. It’s not about ignoring realities but recognising that focusing on a problem can often paralyse you from taking meaningful action and understanding what you can control.


Focusing on solutions moves you into a possibility mindset where you can tap into your creativity, innovation and resilience. Reach out to others to collectively and collaboratively work towards solutions, whether that is supporting sustainable initiatives, advocating for marginalised communities, or championing policy changes, every action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger goal of positive change.


Change occurs through the action you take. Every problem at one point has been solved by a person, or group of people, who came up with a solution. Your efforts make a difference. Focusing on solutions is a conscious decision towards creating a better tomorrow. Shift your perspective from focusing on problems to focusing on solutions to create possibility, transformation and impact.

Action Point: What problem needs you to become a 'solutionist'?

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