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Focus on Values

Is your work fulfilling or are you just filling in the moments?  When was the last time you considered your values and are you living in alignment with them? What about your company values? Are they aligned with your personal values or are they mismatched? Your core values form the internal compass from which you operate, ultimately driving your decisions and dictating your direction both on a personal and professional level. Business values should ideally reflect the values of the individual business owner or founder. However, that assumption is not always the case. Too often business values simply form a list of social idealisms rather than genuine considerations of the principles which will ultimately formulate every part of the business’s culture. Business values should be carefully considered by the founders of the company in the initial stages of creation and continually reassessed in terms of progress and adherence to those values. You don’t work, simply to work. You work to fulfil your needs and your values. When you align your values with those of others, you share the vision and you share responsibility. Reassess your core values and think about how you may need to adapt or realign your business to them. Align your work with your values to become valued for your work. It’s staggering just what is possible individually and collectively, when you Focus on WHY.

ACTION POINT Take a moment to consider what your highest values are and how you are honouring them in life.


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