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Focus on Value Proposition

What is the difference between your purpose and your value proposition? They are often confused as being the same. They are not. Your purpose is your internal message, either for you as an individual or for the company. It is the purpose which keeps you and anyone else in a business connected and focused on its aim. It is the foundation, the glue or invisible threads that weave the culture, values and strategy together beneath the surface. The WHY is at the heart of all the decisions. The value proposition is the external message that demonstrates to your customers how you serve their needs. It is what is attractive to them about the service or offering you intend to make to your customers. Don’t confuse your purpose with your value proposition. So often I see people and companies sharing their purpose and believing that people will buy their products or services simply because of their worthy purpose. They are sometimes so passionate about their purpose that they even forget what their customers actually want or need. This is an important distinction so make sure you understand it. People may admire your purpose. They may believe in your purpose. They may share or identify with your purpose but people aren't buying your purpose. They are buying your product or service based on whether they need it or want it. They are buying the value you offer. Your value proposition explains what you do and how you do it. It is focused on the tangible value you deliver to your clients. So how does the purpose piece fit in? Does it even matter? Of course it matters. There is simply a balance to be struck between the two. Focus on delivering value to your clients. Focus on your value proposition!

ACTION POINT Ensure you have a clear external message that is focused on the client’s needs and wants. Focus on the value they will receive.


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