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Focus on Value

Purpose is a feeling that you create from within. It is something that you live and breathe in your everyday way of life. It is the value you choose to centre your life around and how you make a positive contribution to the world on whatever scale you choose it to be. It gives you the meaning in life which you seek.


A clear sense of purpose sets the expectations for your destination in life, the path for you to follow and why you want to achieve it. By focusing on the value of your purpose, it ensures you stay on course. When you connect with your purpose and share it with others, you may feel goosebumps, that shudder of excitement. This is because you have an intense focus on what really matters to you.


Goosebumps occur when you are in full alignment with your personal values and beliefs. They are a sign that you are being authentic to yourself and are a great indicator that you are on the right track and you are exhibiting natural awe, joy, pride or excitement.


Purpose needs to be in accordance with your values to be of value, importance and service to others. Purpose is individual yet is shaped and influenced by those who you surround yourself with. Not just the five people as Jim Rohn said, but all the people who surround you. They all have an impact on your thoughts, beliefs, behaviour and actions. If you don’t consciously choose your purpose, the company you keep will likely choose your purpose for you.


Purpose impacts all aspects of your living from giving you meaning, motivation and resilience to living longer with more focus. With purpose present, life feels effortless, worth living, deeply satisfying and provides you with a way of feeling of value to others, with a rich desire to make a difference and to truly flourish. As 2023 fades into the past, ask what value have I added to people’s lives this year and what value will I bring in 2024?

ACTION POINT: What value do you bring to the table with your purpose?

Focus on Value!


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