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Focus on Tranquillity

I was listening to Brené Brown’s wonderful book Atlas of the Heart* on Audible this week where she speaks of 87 different emotions and experiences. One of the emotions she spoke of was tranquillity.

Brené describes tranquillity as being her 'new favourite emotion' because of how she resonates so strongly with the research definition; “tranquillity is associated with the absence of demand” and “no pressure to do anything”. I am with Brené 100% on this one. Even typing these words has induced a much needed, instant calming effect on me.

Almost always when I am choosing the focus for the week, it is something that I particularly need or desire personally. Today’s focus is no exception. From the latin root trans meaning ‘exceedingly’ and quies meaning ‘rest’, ‘calm’ or ‘quiet', tranquillity is the perfect restorative tonic to a long week!

With the pressure to not do anything, is it not ironic then that the opposite reaction occurs? In not doing anything, you in fact become more focused and more able to tackle tricky tasks. This is perhaps why Mahatma Gandhi reportedly said, “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”

When choosing images to accompany this focus on tranquillity, I noticed that I had picked images which all contained water. Water has an incredible calming effect on me. I find myself captivated by it as it stimulates a sense of calm and tranquillity that quietens my mind. Does water have that effect on you too?

I have even noticed that a lot of metaphors I use when articulating how I feel involve water. For example, when I am on the edge of creating something new and exciting, I feel as though I am standing on the edge of a deep crystal-clear pool ready to dive in.

I know I am not alone. In episode 305, Focus on Introversion with Jon Baker, Jon, has also formed a powerful link between water and the emotion of tranquillity.

“There is something to me about peace, tranquillity and nature. I spend a lot of my time underwater. Most people go, surely it’s an adrenaline thing? For me, it's about relaxation.” Jon Baker

Do you need more tranquillity in your life? How could you benefit from being in an immersive state of being calm?

Focus on Tranquillity!

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ACTION POINT - How will you introduce more tranquillity into your everyday living?

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