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Focus on Reality

What is reality? It is the state of things as they truly exist independent of your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. Reality is focused on objective, factual and unchangeable aspects of the world and your existence. It is simply what is whether you believe in it or not. Laws of nature, the physical universe and objective facts in the world are all objective truths that exist independently of your perception.


Your reality however is your own subjective perception and is influenced by your senses, cognitive processes, emotions, memories, beliefs, experiences, perspectives and social and cultural constructs. This is why people all interpret ‘reality’ in so many distinct ways.


Having got a handle on what you can and cannot truly control in the world, next confront the reality of how you are living and if you choose to, make the necessary changes you wish to see in your life. Challenge the status quo and analyse whether your beliefs are really yours and understand whether they are serving you and supporting your values.


Challenge whether just because that is how things have been done previously that that is how they need to continue being done in the future. Challenge all the bad habits that you continue to practice simply because it’s easier than to work towards changing them. Challenge your priorities across all areas of life.


Are you acknowledging and accepting objective reality even when it may be uncomfortable or challenging to do so? Facing the truth of your circumstances, choices and the state of the world is essential for you to move forward and to make informed decisions about your life purpose. You need to be honest, question your reality and question whether you are living your own life or someone else’s. Be honest.


You see life through a different lens from anyone else in the world. You have a unique reality. Although you and I both live in the same world, the world is not the same for either of us. Your perception is formed on the basis of your filters and you filter information daily based on your beliefs, values, experiences and memories.


In your own individual reality, there is what you believe to be true, what you know, what you know but don’t understand and then there is all that which you don’t even know you don’t know. All the stuff that is in the world that you are not aware of and therefore does not exist in your reality although it really does exist. It simply sits outside of your perception, outside your model of the world.


As Devan Bailey shared in episode 134 Shaping Reality, you have the opportunity to shape your reality. Negative self-talk, not valuing yourself or not believing you are enough will hold you back and prevent you from taking action to achieve your dreams and from creating the purposeful life you desire.


Valuing yourself and others, doing what brings you joy and staying true to your values will guide you forwards. Devan reminded us that you can choose to be the director of your life rather than the manager of your circumstances. Remember it comes down to your choice how you feel in every moment. Turn those four words of I am not enough around to I am enough.


Focus on Reality!

ACTION POINT - Remember you choose how you live your life. Make it count.


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