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Focus on Positivity

Often when I am thinking of what topic to write about for these blogs I turn to what I need the most in the moment. That way it’s a win win for both you and me. Right now, what I most need is a large dose of positivity as I am facing a variety of challenges which appear to be coming from all directions. I am not burying my head in the sand ostrich-style. Instead I am turning to positivity to keep my head held high and move forwards.

It is of no coincidence that the podcast episode I released this week with Freeman Beals I titled Practical Positivity. I recognise and acknowledge that challenges, setbacks, illness and death are a natural way of life. I would just prefer them not to all pile on top of one another simultaneously. However I am not dwelling on the negative aspects. Instead I choose optimism and resilience. I am seeking solutions on how I can improve my situation in the areas I can control.

I am being mindful of my inner dialogue and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. I am breaking down each of the challenges into smaller, more manageable actions. I am taking the lessons from the failures, reframing them as learning and growth opportunities albeit painful ones.

Knowing how effective gratitude practice is, I am reflecting on what I can be grateful for and shifting my focus away from what I have lost and lack to what I still have. I am surrounding myself with people who will uplift and support me as I am aware that I cannot do this alone and I am asking those who can to help.

I am not ignoring or denying what I am facing right now. Instead I am applying a mindset of practical positivity constructively taking steps to improve my situation. This way I can face challenges with hope, determination and focus.

One day in the future I will look back and see this as a dip in my lifeline but I will also see the peak that follows. Such is the pattern. Such is life.

Focus on Positivity!


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