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Focus on Pausing

As a coach and a podcaster, I am aware of the importance of a pause. It’s the space where my clients and podcast guests have the opportunity to reflect on the question I have just posed. In both situations, a pause gives people time to gather their thoughts before sharing their answers, insights or stories. For me, giving people space and time to pause is natural and I am comfortable with the silence as it is invaluable for all parties involved. Moments of gold are often to be found in the moments following a pause. So it was no surprise to me that my choice for this week’s podcast title, Permission to Pause, resonated deeply with my audience. Who is giving the permission? Not me. You are. You are giving yourself permission to press the pause button in your life and reflect on what is important to you. Not the snooze button. That’s an entirely different action. A pause is intentional. A snooze is accidental. There's that expression, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, dead. Powerful, isn’t it? Really packs a punch. Of course, you can choose to be busy, you can carry on drifting through life on snooze or you can stop, pause, reflect and then take action. This process gives you the opportunity to slow down for a moment to capture what it is you truly desire. In lockdown, I gave myself permission to pause and as a result I made some life changing decisions which have set me off on the purposeful path I now tread. How about you? Do you need to give yourself permission to pause?

ACTION POINT - Press pause on your life. Now, what action will you take after you press play again?


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