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Focus on Health

Wednesday 23rd September 2020 was #NationalFitnessDay, a day to encourage and celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity. It was coincidental that episode 087 Take the Next Step with Michael Budensiek was released that day and focused on health and fitness. However, it is no coincidence that today the focus is on Health! Where will you live tomorrow if you don’t take care of your body today? A sobering thought! Are you taking your health for granted? You only have one body, so take care of it!  You know what you should do, however, it is often hard to separate what you want in the long term from what you want right now. Why? You are in a constant battle between instant versus deferred gratification despite knowing what makes you comfortable today might make you uncomfortable later. Cardio is best for losing weight! Cut out the carbs, eat lots of fruit! Fat is bad for you! Myths or facts? It depends! As everyone is unique, what works for one person may not work for another. Bombarded with conflicting advice and information every direction you turn, you are told what to eat and drink, how often to exercise and how much sleep you should have. What do you need? What combination of relaxation, sleep, meditation, nutrition, exercise and fun works for you? Make it a priority to find out what works best for you and your whole body; your mental, spiritual and physical needs.  Take care of your body today! There isn’t another one. Focus on Health!

ACTION POINT Book yourself in for a full health and fitness audit today! Work out exactly what you need to do to be and stay healthy and fit! Amy

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