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Focus on Coaching

Many people in life don’t know what they want but they do know what they don’t want! They recognise that there is a difference between their current situation and their desired situation, between their current behaviour and their intention, between what they have and what they don’t have. They recognise that there is a gap. Have you identified a gap in your life? Coaching bridges that gap. That gap between your situation now and your future dreams. It can take you from where you are to where you want to be on an accelerated journey. “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.” The International Coaching Federation I have had many coaches at different points in my life. As a teenager, I had a rowing coach who helped me to become a National Rowing Champion back in 1990. I didn’t really think coaches existed in other areas of life outside the context of sport. However, over the last five years, I have had various coaches and mentors to help me to advance in key areas of my life including property investing, marketing, branding, business growth, professional speaking and podcasting. Regardless of the field in which I have employed a coach, I have found that successful outcomes only arise when I am clear on what I really want to achieve. When assessing whether I need coaching, I ask myself the following questions: Why do I feel the need for a coach right now? What benefits and results do I expect to achieve? How will I measure my results? Will I gain greater clarity and focus in my true priorities and values? Will I acquire new skills to help me to operate outside my comfort zone? I always do my due diligence before committing to working with someone. Recommendations are to be treated as a stepping stone, as evidence towards building trust. Just as I have an in-depth call beforehand with each of my coaching clients before committing to working with them to ensure that we are a good fit for one another and it is the right time, I do the same when looking for my own coach. Recently, I started working with a client who approached me several months ago. It wasn't the right time for them then but it is now. So when is the right time to get a coach? When you’re not achieving your potential yet can't pinpoint why. When you’re feeling drained, frustrated and unfulfilled and want to know why. When you’re wondering whether it is possible to change direction to pursue your passion. When you want to tap into your potential and leverage previous experiences to craft the life you really want. When you feel your life is currently running on autopilot without direction or focus. If you are feeling any of these then now is the time for a coach! With a coach you can create your best possible future. With a coach you can become motivated and inspired to achieve your dreams. With a coach you can be held accountable for taking daily actions to achieve your goals. My role as a Life Purpose Coach is to help you to identify what it is you really want and to encourage you to achieve the aspirations aligned to your highest values. I can help you to appreciate and value who you are. I can help you to take control of your life to build financial security for your future. I can help you to trust and believe in yourself to find your purpose. With goals, clarity and learning, you will be inspired, enabled and empowered to discover, transform and create the life you dream of through your own action taking. You will stretch your capabilities and achieve more than you thought was possible. Do you need help identifying, setting and achieving goals? Do you need clarity and focus in your life and/or business? Do you need someone to hold you accountable for your actions? Do you want to leverage from my successes and learnings? Then now is a time to Focus on Coaching!

ACTION POINT What areas in your life could you benefit from coaching? What gaps are you looking to fill?

Reach out to me today here and I can help you.

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