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Focus on Charity

Are you a 1% giver? How much of your income goes towards charitable giving and how much time do you spend on self-reflection? These are questions raised in this week’s episode 384 Thoughtful Giving with Mindy Gibbins-Klein. In 2020, demand for Mindy's book publishing services rose as people in the pandemic took to writing books when their usual income sources had dried up. Mindy recognised that during this period whilst her income had gone up, her giving had not kept up.


Do you consciously donate your time, energy or money towards charitable efforts? Charity and purpose are closely linked as both involve a sense of meaning and contribution to something beyond yourself. Engaging in charitable activities provide you with fulfilment and a sense of purpose knowing that somehow directly or indirectly your actions are making a positive impact.


As a volunteer and charity fundraiser, I have raised thousands of pounds, given thousands of hours of my time, and over the last four decades probably walked thousands of miles. It’s where I can combine my values, passions and strengths whilst giving me the opportunity to offer my time and expertise in the areas in which I excel. Charitable initiatives also enable me to connect with others in a community where we can together work towards a shared purpose.


I am not alone in my passion for thoughtful giving in my family. Growing up, I witnessed my parents and grandparents getting involved in their local communities fundraising and campaigning to make a difference in their corner of the world. My mother has always been and continues to be involved in many volunteering roles and has spearheaded many fundraising campaigns. Currently she is a volunteer for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


My husband Jon also loves volunteering and helping to serve charitable organisations. Fully embracing their motto of #itswhatwedo, Jon is often to be found driving between hospitals as a volunteer ‘bloodrunner’ for SERV Kent who supply emergency courier services. Otherwise you will find him managing or coaching rugby at school, club and county level. Our two children now both adults have also inherited the desire to volunteer and fundraise for charity.


The act of giving is a meaningful way to express your purpose. How can you make a positive impact on others in life whilst contributing to a cause, charity or community aligned with your purpose? Here are a few ways that you can demonstrate thoughtful giving:

  • Perform random acts of kindness

  • Recycle to become more sustainable

  • Volunteer

  • Mentor

  • Share your knowledge or skills in the community

  • Become actively involved in a cause you believe in

  • Pay it forward or giving back

  • Spend quality time with those who are lonely or don’t have relatives or friends nearby

  • Simply say thank you and be appreciative of others


Thoughtful giving involves reflection with action. Reflect on the personal fulfilment you experience through your contribution and take action. What could you do today that will have a positive impact and go on to create further positive ripples?


Focus on Charity! Focus on WHY!



ACTION POINT - How can you pay it forward or give back with purpose today?

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