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Focus on Women

On International Women’s Day this year, I marked the day by speaking about purpose and podcasting at the Professional Speaking Association South West region. For me though, every day is International Women’s Day on Focus on WHY. My podcast is full of women who have chosen to be trailblazers and are showcasing just what is possible to achieve in their lifetime. Showing not only the next generation but the current generation how to shape a positive future for themselves and the world around them. It is my mission to share as many stories from incredible women to ensure that these stories are not lost. This got me thinking as to how many stories are lost and reminded me of something that Jesse Cole said in his episode 133 that “the most valuable piece of land in the world is the graveyard because of all the ideas, all the knowledge, all the wisdom that never got shared and it has just gone forever.” So my message today is to encourage you to ensure that your story is heard. Share your story before it gets lost forever! I’ve had many official storytellers on the podcast but essentially we are all storytellers. Storytelling is in our DNA. Every day we tell stories. We love listening to stories. We love learning from them and sharing what we learn with others. We use storytelling as part of our evolution. An ancient craft passed down through the generations. What is it that you want to pass down through to the next generation? Is it a story of an ancestor that you want to keep alive in the family or is it a useful piece of knowledge that you have learnt or acquired from someone else? Whatever it is, take responsibility to document it so that this knowledge is not lost. Unsurprisingly to me and to Helen Pollock in episode 131, it is women who are much more reluctant to put themselves forward in this way despite clear qualities and skills in their fields. As a ghost writer Helen has stepped up to represent women and help them to communicate their message and their stories. She fills the much needed gap and enables those who have put up invisible barriers to be heard. With all the technology we have available at our fingertips today, there is literally no excuse for stories to be lost anymore. No more excuses for voices to be shut down. Don’t allow your stories to be lost forever. Don’t hide your light under a bushel. You are in control of your own destiny. Share WHY you do what you do and create positive global ripple effects. ACTION POINT Celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of all these incredible women by tuning in to Focus on WHY to hear what they are doing in their purpose-driven lives and WHY!


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