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Focus on Visibility

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Growing up it wasn’t as easy as it is today to be visible. There was no internet, no mobile phones and no social media. The closest I ever got to being visible was featuring in a friend’s poorly taken photo where I first had to peel off the Quality Control Advice Label to reveal my blurred, out of focus face!

When working in the 90s, I communicated with clients via telephone, letters or faxes. For years I was only visible to a relatively small number of people.

How technology has evolved since then!

2012 was a pivotal year for my visibility online. I won an OSCA (Outstanding Service to Cricket Award) which was shared on social media by the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board). I was a Team Leader Gamesmaker at the London Olympics and sporting the uniform I was visible to the whole world albeit for two weeks only!

In 2016, I started to network in the property industry and my visibility grew. In 2018, I started speaking at network events, began hosting a network event and regularly posted on social media. This started to open up new possibilities as I connected to a much bigger audience.

In 2019, becoming more visible with my online coaching, Ann Wilson invited me to speak to 300 people at her annual conference. I started The Property Vault Podcast and my visibility became global overnight and continues to be downloaded each day in 82 countries. I am currently visible across 69 countries with my new podcast Focus on WHY.

This year I joined the Professional Speaking Association and entered the Speaker Factor competition winning the PSA South East regional event and at the annual PSA summit I spoke in front of all my peers in the Speaker Factor final.

So why am I sharing my Visibility story with you today? Well, I believe the key learning is that visibility helps you to gain credibility which provides you with more opportunities such as collaborations, affiliations, or partners.

Increasing your visibility provides you with business opportunities to stand out as an authority in your field, share your learnings and insights inspiring others to step up and become visible too.

Showing up regularly and providing valuable, authentic content is key to your visibility and your credibility. Allow people to see what’s really going in your world. Be honest. Show them the real you, not the glossy edited version.

So my question to you today is, how visible are you?


Choose to become more visible and see how you can make a greater positive difference to the world.



Sam Rathling talks of the profitable combination:

Visibility + Credibility = Opportunity in her book

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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