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Focus on Networking

“Networking is a learned skill. All it is, is talking to people and building relationships with them. In the end they're just people and they want to meet you. So, just get out there and do it!”


This is what Charlie Lawson shared in this week’s podcast episode 385 Unnatural Success. Charlie calls himself the ‘Unnatural Networker’ and has created his business around the struggles he found when networking in both social and professional situations. He is now teaching others how to network with success or as he calls it with ‘Unnatural Success’.


I love attending networking events as I get to meet new people. Sure, there is an initial feeling of trepidation when I first enter a room but that disappears the moment I start chatting with someone and hear what exciting, inspirational and aspirational things they are doing in their work and the diverse interests they pursue.


Having made the effort to venture out to meet others, to share my knowledge and time and to act with purpose, I find networking meetings to be particularly productive because people who attend them also tend to share my collaborative mindset. People who attend networking events are also the types of people who will spur you on to achieve your goals, encourage you, challenge you and support you in the ups and downs of life.


Networking enables you to build relationships, to build your business and to build your confidence. When you network, you connect with likeminded professionals who share your purpose, who are aligned with your values, interests and aspirations and who are focused on contributing to a larger cause. If you want to learn and grow, get networking!


Action Point: What network events will you attend this month?

Focus on Networking! Focus on WHY!

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