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Focus on Legacy

What or who do you see when you look in the mirror? You see what you choose to see just as you make of life what you choose to do or have and who you choose to be. What does legacy mean to you? For some it is simply what you leave to others in your will however a legacy can be considered as far more than your money, estate or property. Your legacy is all about what you leave behind you in terms of how you will be remembered and what you accomplished whilst alive. A legacy might be your knowledge, creations, innovations, love, memoirs, stories, recipes, heirlooms or your values. A living legacy is how many people purposefully choose to live in today’s world and with the advance of technology it can now be digitalised forever. In fact leaving a legacy helps you to come to terms with your own mortality. Knowing that you matter, that you will be remembered and that you have made a difference in the world is a core human need. Through my podcast, I choose to gift the world with a living legacy of inspiration, insight and knowledge to create positive ripple effects. Focus on WHY is a living library of pioneers of purpose. Each episode is unique and will in some way encourage you to change your perspective or open your mind to possibilities and opportunities as you reimagine your future giving you a unique opportunity to learn, to improve and to adapt your attitude to decision-making. “A legacy has always been my WHY!” Manj Mahal, Be Something in Your Life, Focus on WHY episode 094 40% of my podcast guests have mentioned legacy as being part of their life purpose. It would appear that a living legacy is an important way of living. Impact, influence and inspiration are key ways that they are all leaving their mark on others in their lifetime and beyond. “I very much refer to it as living your legacy. So rather than living your life hoping to leave a legacy, that actually you're living your legacy right now. My work is all around enabling other people to see how they can become more significant.” Sylvia Baldock, Becoming More Significant, Focus on WHY episode 132 Living each day becomes your legacy. Learning from the past and carving your path for the future shaped by how you spend each moment of each day. Without choosing to leave a legacy you may lack a sense of purpose or meaning in life. Take time out from your busy daily life to reevaluate what is truly your life course and whether you have drifted off course. Every one of us has the power to effect change. First, you need to self-reflect and challenge yourself to be selfless and be motivated to help others. “I also don't want them to be sat in a solicitor's office opening my will and seeing what their legacy looks like. I want them to actually live that legacy and become the custodian. Have that legacy in my lifetime, I want to be able to enjoy seeing them rise to the challenge and actually becoming better than I ever was or I ever could be. Taking my legacy which will be their legacy on to their next generation, so I want to be part of that. I know people who have gone to the grave and not having the joy of seeing their children and working with their children to help shape building a business or building a passion that they desire.” Mark Stokes, Create Shared Value, Focus on WHY episode 072 Meaning in life is what you choose to make of it. You have a choice. Life is all about the people you meet and the concepts you create with them. What we do together today will shape the way we live tomorrow. So I ask you one question - what legacy will you create today? Focus on Legacy!

ACTION POINT How do you want to be remembered? Are you aware of the positive impact you are having on the world? What is your legacy?


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