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Focus on Self-Worth

Having sent out my newsletter last week in a rushed and tired state it contained several mistakes in it however it did provide me with the inspiration for today's message – it's ok to make mistakes, it's part of being human.


Driven by various motivations, perfection is viewed as the benchmark you set for yourself to attain happiness and fulfilment. If motivated by a fear of failure, comparison, low self-esteem or to avoid criticism, failing to meet these standards can lead to disappointment, inadequacy or resentment, resulting in self-criticism, anxiety and procrastination.


However, if pursued for growth, perfection can offer focus and serve as a means for problem-solving, with your progress celebrated through self-compassion.


It took me decades to understand that my pursuit of perfection, rooted in a negative comparative mindset, was ultimately an illusion, unattainable and devoid of value.


Embracing my uniqueness and imperfections and prioritising self-improvement and growth has proven to be more sustainable and fulfilling.


It’s important to recognise that making mistakes is a natural part of being human and that the problem lies not in seeking perfection but in undervaluing your imperfections, the valuable lessons they offer and how sharing them opens you up to support and connection with others.


Taking responsibility for and embracing your imperfections is a profound act of self-worth and self-acceptance. Enjoy your imperfections as they won’t hinder your pursuit of goals or purpose; rather they allow you to fully embrace who you are.


Focus on Self-Worth. Focus on WHY.

ACTION POINT - What profound act of self-worth will you demonstrate today?

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