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Focus on Introductions

"Congratulations Amy, your name has been drawn for one of the 1 minute slots tomorrow - can you confirm you are happy to fill the 1 minute?"

This email arrived in my inbox mid-Friday morning last week. It was from London's Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association, Vicky O'Farrell.

"Sure, thank you! See you tomorrow." I immediately replied.

One minute! It's not long, is it? I made myself a cup of lemongrass and ginger tea and had a think. A poem. Yes, I'll write a poem. That will be a bit of fun and a perhaps more memorable. This is what I said:

"Hey, so what do you do, Amy?", she asked, hand on her hip.

Cue instant eye roll, I bit on my lip.

To open with that question. Come on. It’s 2023.

There are so many other ways that she could’ve greeted me.

"Focus on Wine, did you say?"

"No, Focus on WHY, I quickly reply."

"Ah, I see, a bit like Simon Sinek."

"Yes, that’s right, a focus on the limbic!"

"By choosing to live with compassion, joy and bliss.

You focus on midlife beginnings and avoid that midlife crisis.

Stop filling in the moments, live on purpose!

Create moments that are fulfilling. Offer others your service!"

"Wow, I get it, that’s amazing, I love what you do.

I need your help. I’m lost, who even am I? I wish I knew!"

"I can help you. It’s exactly what I do.

Let’s focus on WHY. Sound good to you?"

Actually it would appear you can say quite a lot in a minute! It went down well and many people came up to speak with me afterwards to say they had loved the poem. Mission accomplished!

Over to you! What would you have done to introduce yourself in just one minute? Introductions are really important. They leave long-lasting impressions. Make sure you are remembered for all the right things!

Focus on Introductions!


ACTION POINT - If you had one minute to introduce yourself and share with the people in the room what it is you do, what would you say?

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