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Focus on Horses

Last week I spent a day with horses on an executive leadership training retreat. The experiential programme was not about horses though, it was about people and maximising potential. It was incredibly illuminating and the ultimate lesson in leadership.

The facilitator of the session, Rosie Tomkins from N-STINCTIVE™, explained that horses are a true barometer of authenticity and that they live in the present. Horses pick up energetic information and communicate through energetic transfer. They are experts in non-verbal communication and sentient learning.

They reflect your strength of character, your heart, your inner and external leadership styles, your internal incongruence and your self-limiting perceptions. No hiding behind façades here as the horses mirror your energy and leadership performance. What you bring to the table is on show for all to see as the horse openly reflects it.

You are able to see the differences in other people's leadership styles and the energy types that you have with people in different circumstances. Acting as a powerful mirror to you, the horses provoke honest conversations, perhaps in some cases even brutally honest ones. You cannot lie to yourself here or to others.

So what did I learn about myself as a leader?

That I am a natural strong collaborative upfront leader who can also flex into being a front end leader when needed. I learned that I am very aware of my environment, that I am curious, independent and protectively cautious. Sounds pretty spot on to me and was both fabulous and impressive to have a half tonne horse endorse these qualities.

I've chosen a leadership role in life where I lovingly shine the light on purpose, fulfilment and curiosity to empower others to forge their own paths. My chosen mission and responsibility is to gift a living legacy of inspiration, insight and knowledge to create long-lasting, positive ripple effects. I do this through my life purpose coaching and podcasting.

If you walked into the paddock today and were faced with a horse, what would you learn about yourself as a leader? Focus on Horses! Focus on Leadership!

ACTION POINT - What type of leader are you and what do you want to achieve in your life as a leader?

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